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Man and the Universe represent a single world process of continuous, perpetual motion, interaction with information and energies. If the Universe is the external essence of the matter, then Man is its product, created by this matter and serving it.

The Universe can be imagined as Wuji - a single whole. Yin-Yang is small and large worlds present, both inside and outside of a person, and complement each other. Each has its form of life, its code of development, life and death. The uniqueness of the human essence lies in the fact that it absorbs the microcosm and the macrocosm, which are the "internal" and "external" factors in the Universe's structure. This model can be thought of as the duality of the world or Yin-Yang. At the same time, this or that world and in it a Man (forms of life on different planets can be different) constitute a Single Universal Universe in close interaction with the Universe, Space and Information energy space.

Throughout his appearance on planet Earth, a person cannot get out of the circle of vices of his passions and emotions. And this is that introverted look into himself, which haunts him to understand and realize our Universe's global nature. This connection has been broken since the Gods (another civilization) left, stopped visiting planet Earth, and participated in humankind's development. Everything that a person creates is created only at the physical and material levels and only within the framework of self-affirmation. The connection with the subtle plane is broken. It follows from this that a person transfers the entire system of world outlook and attitude to himself. Physiology begins to dominate at the base, affecting consciousness, subconsciousness and over consciousness, disrupting the natural course of development. And what comes first?

Many scientists still cannot determine it.

Ancient Chinese medicine, still being separated from the "external" (understanding and interaction with the subtle plane) world, has developed whole meditative-breathing practices to cultivate energy in the human body. And, if it is developed over many decades, then it is possible, supposedly, to prolong youth and acquire superpowers. But, alas, this is an illusion and utopia. The whole world is still in this illusion. For many centuries, man has exhausted himself as an object and subject of his experiments. Almost all internal organs and their interaction and impact on consciousness have been investigated (but feedback methods only succeed through meditation). However, the influence of consciousness on internal organs' functioning is not always successful, as this requires long meditative practice. For which a person does not have enough time or energy. He wants to get everything at once. But, if individual individuals manage to achieve something in meditative practices, then, more often than not, everything closes in on the "I" and their own body. A person closes in on himself, exhausts the unique resources of the body. And they have a limit. Therefore, almost all cultivation methods, development and control over internal energy do not replenish the energy potential but exsanguinate it. They are depriving a person of longevity and joy from life. Not a single long-liver in meditative (incorrectly chosen methods) and martial practices - no! There are exceptional longevity cases when, through one of the types of meditative practices, procreation instinct is suppressed, practically conserved, and full control over the Jin energy is exercised.

Melnikov Ghennadij, 2021

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