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If you know the cause of the disease - you know its treatment.

Almost all diseases are rooted in excess or lack of yin-yang energy (malnutrition; prolonged nervous stress; excess or lack of sexual activity). An imbalance of these yin-yang potentials violates the functions of internal organs - these are diseases, loss of interest in life, and others.
Performing long forms of tai chi affect the central nervous system. The concentration of the thought's attention on specific zones, points, and movements stimulates the cerebral cortex, thereby relieving the mental and physical stress of various internal organs and excitations in the brain (negative emotions, thoughts). Thanks to smooth breathing, relaxation, slow movements, and concentration of attention, the whole body receives rest and peace. The therapeutic and prophylactic effect is achieved by neutralizing the psychophysical blocks (internal organs, muscle tension) and improving the frequency of bioelectric potentials between the impulses of the brain and internal organs.
Harmony is born in movement and relaxation. The body is restored and takes on a new birth.

What is the peculiarity of the tai chi system from other techniques? Tai chi - is relaxation gymnastics, meditation in movement. And, this system is much closer in its dynamics of the development of life than static exercises (yoga). So, how exactly, movement is life!

As you complete the tai chi form, you can perform various tasks that the master sets for you, depending on your diagnosis. It can be proper breathing, concentration, mathematical task solving, reading poetry, songs, etc.

Thanks to systematic studies, the adept's level of anxiety, distraction, the spontaneity of thoughts, hyperactivity of behaviour, and consciousness is reduced.

Mental, psychological problems: fears, states of depression, various types of addictions (gambling, drug addiction, alcoholism), chronic fatigue syndrome.
Nervous disorders: neurosis, hypersensitivity, epilepsy, sleep disturbance.

All of these problems can be cured by practising Tai Chi systematically! Proper Buddhist breathing (abdominal), helps to remove psychophysical clamps in the human body. In western medicine conception of muscular armour was developed by psychoanalytic Wilhelm Reich, one of the founders of the body psychotherapy in the XX century. These micro-blocks have become so natural for humans that they no longer pay attention to them. And this muscular armour slowly destroys the body as a whole. However, in ancient China, they knew about this for a long time.

Concentration on specific channels, points contributes to the productive work of the channel and its interaction with other channels according to the concept of Using.

On video - our workshop, tai chi yang style 108 forms for the beginners, 1 part

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