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·     Therapeutic Wushu systems are an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine.

Thousands of people, from the young to the elderly, each morning have their practice in parks, squares or stadiums, improving their bodies and spirits.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, anyone who knows martial arts increases the protective functions of the body, strengthens his health, and prolongs the activity and duration of his life.

Using the full range of modern theories and practices of physiology and bio-mechanics, many institutes of physical education and revitalizing centers are introducing various methods, based on ancient traditions and knowledge.

That's why ancient Chinese Wushu is becoming more popular today.

Our School Empire Taichi at the Festival of Martial Arts

The speed at which we have digest information or food, does not allow to restore our body. Being in a chronic mild stress, a person exposes himself methodical mental and psychosomatic destruction.

People want to change the environment, family, the whole world, forgetting  that the main reason lies in every one of us, but not outside.

The modern development of the world makes the necessary requirements coexistence of man and the environment  - to harmonize human rythm with the world (society) rythms. Don’t try dieting, fasting and other tortures – this is the way to the new stress. It eventually destroying the entire energy system of the body. In other words, changing the energy balance of yin and yang is the cause of all our ills. 

The search for new alternative methods of recovery, which would quickly, organically and harmoniously to solve not only the problem of rehabilitation, but also the existence of adequate social environment. Many people have so many problems and they can find their solutions.

When you're stressed try to use your body  motion in general, to put you back in control and get the right hormones pumping.

 One unique system can help you to control stress power - Tao Taichi! Over two hundred of millions people round the world use gymnastics Dao Tai Chi Chuan. The system works and it is effective (in a case if there is a qualified specialist, taichi expert).

Tai Chi Finger Stay by Founder and Director of our International School "Empire Taichi" Hennadij Melnikau

Traditional ancient Chinese Taoist exercises - Tao Tai Chi is a form of martial arts wushu "internal" direction. Gymnastics can safely be called the "art of movement", "relaxation exercises", "meditation in motion" or "dynamic relaxation" technique "soft box", "gymnastics rejuvenation" for its soft, fluid and continuous movement. Where strain - a waste of energy, total relaxation - its accumulation, and meditation - work with consciousness. However, the softness of movements is not the whole body limp slackness, but only a real need to be liberated, to get rid of excess voltage shackles, sometimes not only our body but also the mind.

A characteristic feature of this system is "to achieve peace of mind with the extreme mobility of the body", that is, to achieve relaxation and rest in motion. What is the alternative to yoga, which during prolonged static position of postures and breathing techniques different therapeutic effect is achieved. But the difference between Tai Chi and yoga classes in the technique: breath, it is dynamic; the dynamic performance of the exercises, and one of the important aspects - is tempo-rhythmic pattern performance shape. You have the right to decide how much time to spend on the implementation of the form - the effect is not changed.

The uniqueness of this system is that it is able to satisfy the needs and requirements of any person, of any age, and a wide range of activities as it includes two main aspects. Psychosomatic, thanks to which, increases the protective functions of the body - the normalization and optimization of metabolic processes, which leads to slow the aging of the organism. And the second aspect - is a method of conducting close combat, because in every movement of the complex coded combinations of means of offense and defense.

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