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Regular tai chi exercises have a positive effect on the immune system.

 Due to the current saturation of all organs and tissues with oxygen, the metabolism improves, and the ageing process of the body slows down.

 SUGAR DIABETES (1, 2 types)

One of the leading health problems of the 21st century is diabetes. Type 1 is insulin-dependent, and type 2 is not insulin-dependent.

Type 1 diabetes primarily threatens young people who are under 30 years old. It often occurs in childhood. Most often, men are predisposed to the disease. The rate of development of the disease is fast. The genetic predisposition is weak. Provoking factors are viral infections, weakened immunity. Treatment with hypoglycemic drugs is ineffective.

Type 2 diabetes threatens people who are already over 40. Most often, women are predisposed to this disease. The rate of development of the disease is slow. The genetic predisposition is strong. Provoking factors are increased weight, lack of exercise, improper diet, and stress. Treatment with hypoglycemic drugs is the primary method.

For both types of diabetes, patients experience similar symptoms, including increased thirst, rapid urination, dry mouth, severe hunger, poor wound healing, dermatitis, ulcers on the extremities (mainly on the legs), dizziness, headaches, decreased immunity.

Both types of diabetes have a risk of developing various complications: strokes, heart attacks, chronic renal failure, chronic heart failure, diabetic foot syndrome, physical inactivity, overweight, weight loss (sharp weight loss not recommended), stress, abuse of certain drugs and alcohol, poor diet, constant fatigue, thirst, frequent and excessive urination, tingling in the arms and legs, redness tissues, swelling in the legs, blurred vision, poorly healing wounds and pustules, trophic ulcers.

One of the reasons for the development of diabetes is an overload of the gastrointestinal tract (an excess of fatty, fried, simple sugars), which leads to a violation of the metabolic processes of the body.

Small blood vessels and capillaries become clogged from prolonged high sugar levels (especially in the eyes and kidneys). Blood circulation is disturbed, blood vessels become clogged with sugar and are not supplied with oxygen, and the products of vital activity of cells and tissues are not excreted. Thus, it leads to trophic ulcers, renal failure (high blood pressure leading to late-stage diabetes). An imbalance of insulin in the body disrupts liver function, causing a complete loss of vision.

You can lower your blood sugar by systematically performing long forms of tai chi.

Such exercises like "The Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg" and "Insert the Needle into the Bottom of the Sea" are recommended for diabetes. These and other exercises stimulate the activity of the kidneys, which regulate the processes of excreting toxins from the body. They also restrict and control child-bearing, which is inherited from parents, who give this energy. We can only learn to regulate and manage this type of power, but we can't increase it. It calls "Jing" energy, and it is responsible for sexual strength and longevity.


Coronary heart disease

Coronary heart disease is a chronic or acute violation of the blood supply to the myocardium—the muscle layer of the heart—resulting from an insufficient supply of oxygen to the heart. This process occurs when arterial blood flows to a heart muscle in a limited amount.

The causes of the disease are insufficient blood supply to the arteries and narrowing of the passages of blood vessels due to the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.

The first symptoms of coronary heart disease are shortness of breath which can occur both during a quick walk or climbing stairs, and with movements: arrhythmia, tachycardia (heart palpitations); hypertension (changes in blood pressure); angina pectoris (pressing pains located behind the sternum, extending to the neck and left shoulder, and very severe pain in the heart).

The risk group includes smokers, alcohol abusers, and those who suffer from diabetes and obesity. 

Practical exercises of tai chi—which implies a complete study of the pattern of movement of the form, meditation, breathing, and concentration on specific zones or points—allow you to achieve positive dynamics of cardiovascular diseases (stroke, coronary artery disease, heart rhythm disturbances, recovery after surgery, strengthening heart muscles as well as varicose veins, and thrombophlebitis).

The calm and gentle manner of performing the tai chi form (balanced breathing when concentrated on specific zones and points) relieves excessive tension in the heart region, thereby improving its blood circulation. In the future, in the process of regular tai chi classes (speed of form execution), the rhythm of the heart muscle can be regulated.

Our school provides workshops worldwide! We have a one day, three days, one week, two weeks and month programs. If you are interested in tai chi Yang 108 forms, tai chi massage, meditation, Bian Zhizhong, and DaoYin technics, please write an email for Melnikau Henadzi, head of International School Dao Empiretaichi: melnikovtaichi @ (without space between symbols).  The article about the school founder and leader you can find here.

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