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Gymnastics Bian Zhizhong for many centuries kept in strict confidence, as it belonged only to the imperial nobility. The functions and methodology of this system made it possible to keep their wives and concubines in full satisfaction, while the ability to control the energy of the jing allowed the imperial nobility to remain in full health and sober intelligence until old age.

Taoist gymnastics for the development of health and longevity through the impact on vital organs - the kidneys. They are responsible for the sexual activity of a person throughout his life. The ability to control the energy of jing during sexual acts increases the health and active longevity of the person as a whole.

Special respiratory and physical exercises allow for the whole complex to concentrate their attention in the lower abdomen, where there are endocrine glands responsible for the production of sex hormones.

This unique Taoist system allows in the shortest possible time the treatment and restoration of a weakened sexual function, the strengthening of the kidneys and the return to the body of youth active longevity.

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