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Hennadzi Melnikov, expert of Tai Chi Chuan and Oriental health-improving techniques, teacher of the stage movement, developer of his own unique pedagogical and training methods, head of the school "Empire Taichi." Thanks to his long work with internal energy, he is one of the few masters in the world who can make a Diamond two fingers stay.

 Melnikov H. was born in the capital of the Republic of Belarus, Minsk. At the beginning of the professional way, for about ten years he was engaged in boxing with the famous coach M.A. Panasyuk. In parallel, he became interested in body biomechanics and acting. In 1980, he was working in the pantomime theater "Rukh" (in translation from Belarusian - "Movement"). In 1980-1987 he went on tour with the theater in many countries, including in Hungary, Germany, Poland, Moscow. Hennadzi Melnikau is known in Belarus as the organizer and director of the first Belarusian festival of Wushu in 1998, and also in the following years - 2005, 2006 and 2007. He graduated from the University of Culture as a theater director, as a senior teacher of the Belarusian Academy of Arts for more than ten years he taught the subject "stage movement and stage plastic."

In parallel with the development of the external sports and theatrical direction, Melnikau was interested in the internal aspects of martial arts and intuitively came to study the powerful and multi-faceted combat and healing ancient Chinese system - Dao Tai Chi Chuan. From the end of the 80s to the present day, Melnikau trains individually and conducts group classes, and also constantly deepens his knowledge of Tai Chi Chuan.

After moving to Hungary in 2015, Henadzi Melnikov opened a branch of the school "Empire of Taichi" in Szeged. At the moment, the "Empire  Taichi" school has its channel on youtube, and Facebook groups: in English and in Hungarian.

Hennadzi Melnikov is the author of the unpublished book "Drunken Tai Chi". Now we are seeking for the publisher for these unique texts. This is a book about the "inner" style of Wushu Tao Tai Chi Quan. The novelty of the book consists of a combination of profound theoretical analysis and practical author's experience (more than 35 years) of the teaching Tao Tai Chi Quan in Belarus, Russia, and Hungary.

 It favorably differs from publications of this direction: there is a detailed analysis of the system, which based on the analysis of literary and historical sources on the Tao Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong, biomechanics and the basics of traditional Chinese medicine. Over 200 million adherents around the world are engaged in the Tao Tai Chi Chuan. They need not only to study the "external" structure of Tai Chi forms but also in the proper methodological guidance when studying the "internal" aspects of the system. 

The book reveals the main principles of the Tao Tai Chi Quan system: Using "9 trigrams", "10 Heavenly Trunks", "12 Earth branches", the pre-heaven trigrams "Xian Tien" and the Celestial Triagrams - "Houtian." The book "Drunken Taiji" can be intended not only for a wide range of practitioners of Tao Tai Chi Quan but also coaches, instructors, methodologists to correctly build the training process and make full use of the therapeutic and preventive potential of the system.

The book was written in Russian.


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