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A unique role in the history of the Dao Tai Chi Chuan as the founder, assigned Taoist monk Zhang Sanfeng hermit who lived during the Song Dynasty (960-1279 gg.) In the XIII century. According to legend, Zhang Sanfeng was born at the end of the Song Dynasty (960 -. 1279), survived the Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368 gg.), Lived up to the board Ding Zong, during the Ming Dynasty (1368 -. 1644 years), having lived more than 200 years.

 Many sources in the field of martial arts "internal" areas tell of other names, place and time of origin "mentsyuan" cotton fist - Tao Tai Chi Chuan. But the world community of adherents and historians Sinologists uniquely recognize the priority of Zhang Sanfeng, a legendary figure in the creation of an alternative system of Buddhist martial arts, Taoist system. The uniqueness of this technology, which includes the applied aspects of martial arts, meditative and breathing practices for improvement and extension of human life lies in its duality, the organic nature and harmony. The dualism of her belonging to the main Taoist principle of yin-yang. The organic nature that no one movement does not disturb or destroy the "internal" and "external" aspeсts of the human body and its relationship with the outside world. Harmony permeates the entire structure of the human body with its plasticity and aesthetics. All three of these aspects also based on the principle of the Taoist doctrine - the yin-yang.

Zhang Sanfeng was born on April 9, 1247. From an early age, his parents were preparing for the civil service. But those who are destined to leave more than a trace in history, no matter in what field, this person will come back sooner or later. Not feeling a creative interest in the area to be a government official, Zhang Sanfeng leaves the service and go to the mountains of Wudang, Hubei Province. He was hoping to learn the secrets of the meaning of life-based on the traditional meditative breathing and spiritual practices Taoist systems. At the same time, Zhang Sanfeng was actively studying Shaolin Chuan in the northwest of Henan Province, a system designed by the famous martial arts master Da Mo or his name in the world - Bodhidharma. This system is based on the Buddhist traditional approach to a variety of spiritual, meditative and applied practices. In the mountains of Wudang Zhang Sanfeng aware of the truth of the Tao. The fame of his miracles spread throughout China. During the reign of Emperor Cheng Zi (1407) in honour of Zhang Sanfeng, in gratitude for his outstanding achievements in these areas, on the Wudang mountain was built the "Temple of the blue cloud", which is still a pilgrimage of fans flock to Dao Tai Chi Chuan. The birthday of Zhang Sanfeng, according to legend, April 9, annually celebrated magnificent feasts adepts of Tao Tai worldwide.

Wudang Shan

One day while sleeping Zhang Sanfeng was a deity - Emperor Huang Y, and gave him the teachings of the art of unarmed combat, based on which, subsequently, the system Dao Tai Chi Chuan was developed. It is based on the principle of not building muscle and brute force there, and the cultivation of the "inner" qi energy.

Another legend tells that one day while meditating Zhang Sanfeng was possible to see from the window of his hut a fight between a snake and a crane. The sharp beak of the bird strikes did not bring success, as the soft, flowing movements snakes allowed her to quickly evade attacks, keeping during combat softness and flexibility of the body. Snake defeated the crane. In this example, the fight animals Zhang Sanfeng saw a brilliant confirmation of successful application in a real combat situation, the fundamental principle of Taoist philosophy, formulated in the ancient Taoist treatise "Daodetszin" author Laozi and "Zhuangzi" author Zhuangzi. The weak and soft overcomes hard and firm, which in nature, and is the fundamental basis of the Tao of Tai Chi Chuan. Supernatural possibilities still hit and forced to kneel many adherents involved in Dao Tai Chi Chuan worldwide. During dynamic meditation in winter Zhang Sanfeng moving through the snow could not leave traces, concentrating energy in the feet turned the snow into water. The bird, which has appeared in his palm, she could not fly.

"Once the Mongolian imperial family of the Yuan Dynasty was hunting on Mount Wudang when Zhang gathered there herbs He knew the Mongols -. Excellent archers, but did not like their pomp Seeing Zhang, standing and staring at them, the Mongols ordered him to go away. This action angered Zhang, but he only told the Prince: "Your highness hunts with bow and arrow, and I - with my bare hands," at this point, a pair of hawks flying over them, Zhang jumped a few feet and caught their Prince was amazed Zhang.... planted on the bird on each hand as a hawk tried, they could not fly, Zhang said: "I am merciful to sentient beings, and I do not want to kill birds?" He removed his hand, and hawks soared into the sky. One of the Prince angry satellites and shot Zhang in archery. The master caught the arrow his teeth, took her two fingers and threw it into the tree. "I do not need the gun violence," he said, - reaching the tree, an arrow buried itself deep into it. "

 The merit of Zhang Sanfeng is a generalization of practical and theoretical experience in the field of martial arts Tai Chi Chuan Tao. Enriched this system is not only applied aspects, but also meditative and breathing Taoist practices in the field of static and dynamic qigong, and also gave a philosophical basis and practical application of the laws of the traditional Taoist philosophy. Using i-jing, using and yin - yang, Zhang led the gymnastics "Great Limit" to the rank of an independent system. Thanks to these developments, the system Tao Taichi received wide popularity among the people, not only as a unique self-defence tool but also as a means of prevention and treatment of ailments of the body. Precise technique Tao Zhang Sanfeng Taiji allowed many adherents of this system to get in touch, and sometimes grasp the innermost secrets of the spiritual and the material world.





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